Meet the team behind Aaja Nachle:

We are a team of teachers and dancers whom work or study full time outside of dance

We come together on the weekends to work part time for the dance school as we love dance, drama and working with young people!

Our management team work full time to look after Aaja Nachle behind the scenes!

Come and meet us in class - we would love to see you! 


Ravynah Sukumaran

Botany bollywood Team Leader

Rav is a Bharatanatyam dancer and has recently become skilled in hip hop. She loves urban choreography. Outside dancing she studies Food science and Nutrition. 


Shivani  2.jpg

Shivani Patel

Glenfield bollywood team Leader

Shivani is a trained Ballet and Jazz dancer. Originally from Rotorua, she is studying to become a Chiropractor at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.


Sobitha Manoharan

Classical Fusion Team Leader

Sobitha completed her arrangetram in Bharata Natyam while in highschool. She studies as a student doctor outside of Aaja Nachle.


Ishara Dhambagolla

Roskill bollywood team Leader

Ishara is a skilled ballet, contemporary and hiphop dancer. She also loves Sri Lankan classical dance. She studies as a student doctor outside of Aaja Nachle.


Coming soon :)


Akshaya Arun

Classical Fusion Teacher

Akshaya loves Bharata Natyam. She is pursuing a masters in Marketing outside of Aaja Nachle. 


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Rebecca Gandhi

Roskill Bollywood Teacher

Rebecca loves Bollywood and Fitness! She is studying Medicine as a student doctor outside of Aaja Nachle. 


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Arya Krishnan

Roskill Bollywood Teacher

Arya loves semi classical dance and little kiddies! She is an Engineer and studying construction management outside of Aaja Nachle. 



Classical Fusion Teacher

Nupur loves Kathak and mentoring youth. She works as an IT Sales Manager outside of Aaja Nachle. 


Rashidah Ramzani

Botany Bollywood Teacher

Rashidah is a psychology graduate from the University of Missouri and currently works as a counsellor at ‘Lifeline Aotearoa’.


Coming soon :)


vrikshikha Velan


Vrikshikha is a classical indian dance expert and loves Bharata Natyam! She is studying business outside of Aaja Nachle. 


Nisarga Kashyap

Classical Fusion Teacher

Nisarga has 19 years of dancing experience & specialises in Bharathnatyam. She studies media outside of Aaja Nachle

Chandni Photo.jpg

Chandini Shah

Glenfield Bollywood Teacher

Chandhini loves gujarati folk dances such as garba. She works as a chartered accountant outside of Aaja Nachle. 


Coming soon :)



pic 1.jpg

Ayesha Goel

Roskill Bollywood Teacher

Ayesha dances to Bollywood, Hiphop and Bhangra. She is studying a conjoint of Law and Commerce outside of Aaja Nachle. 


Jasmine Sharma

Glenfield Bollywood Teacher

Jasmine loves bhangra dances and freestyle bollywood. She works at Deloitte outside of Aaja Nachle. 


Neeraj Ram

SR. Administrator

Neeraj has passion for dance and has completed his Arangatam back in Chennai. He assists with the daily running of our school and takes care of our accounts, enrolments and private hire bookings.  



Coming soon :)


Meena Adhikari

general manager

Meena oversees our team at Aaja Nachle. She loves to watch the students at the school growing in confidence from their dance experiences. She has been a lecturer with MIT for 14 years before joining us. Outside Aaja Nachle ,Meena is part of her community group.





Aaja Nachle is a growing organisation, if you are interested in teaching dance, performing as a professional dancer or being on our administrative or management team - get in touch!

We would love to hear from you!

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Student Leaders

Student Leaders


Aaja Nachle aims to bridge the gap between students and teachers by offering a teaching student leadership programme that students may apply for each year

The programme for students under 18 involves a year of experience in developing their leadership skills and fostering community within their classes and school

The programme for students over 18 involves a year of mentorship and experience in assistant teaching while working towards a teaching contract with Aaja Nachle in future

If you are a student at Aaja Nachle and are interested in starting this journey of self developement - talk to your Team Leader today!